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Finding and implementing the right platform as you grow and scale is challenging - we can help. With expert advice and support, we can ensure continued success throughout your journey.

Here's How We Help

Our curated approach will help you better understand your exact needs. We'll help you all the way through from requirements gathering to post-implementation support.

Solution Validation & Selection

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We'll support you through the vendor selection process to ensure you pick the right solution.

Project Delivery & Training

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A custom implementation that future-proofs your business, and gets your team geared up to do their best work.

Ongoing Support & Success

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Regular check-ins and ongoing product support to make sure you're getting the most out of your investment


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Company-Wide Budgeting & Planning

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Financial Reporting & Dashboarding

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Revenue Forecasting & Analysis

Hierarchy of individuals depicting a workforce structure.

Employee Workforce Planning

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"What-If" Scenario Analysis

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Multi-Entity Consolidation

Industry Expertise

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+ Revenue Recognition
+ SaaS KPIs & Metrics
+ Pipeline Management & Forecasting
+ Renewals & Retention

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Life Sciences

+ Experimental Trial Modelling
+ Cash-Flow & Investment Management

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Professional Services

+ Project-Based Profitability Planning
+ Resource Capacity Planning
+ Demand Planning

A commercial building.

Real Estate

+ Property Performance Management
+ Investment Analysis
+ Cash-Flow Forecasting

About Us

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Victor Baciu
Managing Partner
Victor is Deodata's Managing Partner and runs the global team. He has successfully implemented hundreds of clients throughout his many years of work as an Implementation Lead, and has successfully helped hundreds more figure out their best fit as the Head of Solutions Consulting at Causal.

Key Highlights:

8+ Years of Industry Experience
100+ Implementations
96% Customer Satisfaction
500+ Client Evaluations

Does reading any of these give you a headache?

Manual-Data Aggregation & Entry

#REF Errors and Rigid Models

Version Control Issues

Inability to Collaborate

Hard time answering "What-If?"

Lack of Real-Time Reporting

You're not alone - Let us help you tackle the hardest problems so you don't have to.

Finding Your Best Fit

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Navigating a vendor selection process can be daunting - often you're not even sure where to begin.Our job is to help you along the way, and it all starts with a consultation & discovery session to better understand where you are.

Here are some questions to ask yourself so you can be prepared.

Business PlanningWhich key functions do you want the platform to focus on?
Business PlanningWhat part of your process is the most challenging today?
Source SystemsWhat source systems (ERP/CRM/HRIS/Data Warehouse) would you want to integrate?
Change ManagementAre you set on staying in Excel, or would you be open to exploring other types of UI?
ProjectWhat's your intended Go-Live date?
ProjectHow much time would you be able to dedicate per week during an implementation?

Let us help you get the best possible outcome.

Delivering Excellence

A successful implementation starts and ends with a consistent approach.

Number 1


Map out your intended process end-end, with a key focus on workflows, data, and scope. Align on the onboarding goals, and set a project plan in place.

Number 2


Hands-on and dedicated building sessions to execute on the project plan. Each asset will be built based on your exact needs.

Number 3


Finalize and test all components of the solution - focusing on interoperability and ensuring all of the pieces fit together.

Number 4


Change management is important - the value of the solution is only as high as its usage. We will conduct user training, write up the technical documentation, and make sure your organization is ready as can be.

Bulls-eye marker.

Go-Live & Support

Once it's all said and done - we'll schedule regular health checks so that you're getting the most out of your investment.

Ongoing Excellence

Your success is our success.

  • Regular health checks - we'll sit down together on your schedule and review all of the work that's been done.

  • End-User Training & Enablement - our team can help your organization stay on track during important times like your annual planning process.

  • Multi-Phased Approach - If you're ready to bolster your existing solution, we can work together and advance your solutions to support your organization as it evolves.